Hold My Hummus: The Secret Life of a Stubborn Soprano (2019)

Theatre People: Darby Turnbull

"Lauren Lee Innis-Youren is incandescent when she sings, she has a crystalline soprano with keen insight into the emotions and meanings of the music she is bringing to life."

Hold My Hummus: The Secret Life of a Stubborn Soprano (2019)

Pop Culture-y: Aidan Johnson

"If one wishes to see a raw, human performance exploring a life story, combined with the smoothness and tremendous skill of a classically-trained soprano, then Lauren Lee Innis-Youren‘s Hand Hold My Hummus: The Secret Life of a Stubborn Soprano is right for you. The amount of skill displayed by Innis-Youren was astounding, and the human aspect of her show was truly moving. It was an excellent blend of the sublime with the human, and Hold My Hummus is definitely something to check out."

Billy Buckett: A Rock N Roll Love Story (2018)

Blue Curtains: Meredith Walker

“Dorrington and Innis-Youren shine as central couple Billy and Jan. Their vocals and characterisation are spot-on in the pivotal roles. Innis-Youren, in particular, has an era-evocative voice that is flawlessly showcased in Act Two’s opening number ‘Mr Cool’, in which an isolated Jan shares her steadfast faith in Billy.”

Tell Me On A Sunday (2016)

Susan Snaps: Susan Hetherington

"Lauren is the sole performer and she commands he stage. She looks the part, she sounds the part and has that X Factor star quality"


Tell Me On A Sunday (2016)

Stage Whispers: Allison Saunders

"Lauren is the perfect performer to create this one-woman story – everything from her adoption of each vocal style in the show to the perfect portrayal of every emotion we have all felt, it's just theatre perfection"


The Phantom of the Opera (2014)

Stage Whispers: Peter Pinne

"Star of the performance was Lauren Lee Innis-Youren as Christine. With a bright and clear soprano she effortlessly handled the demanding score with ease and was particularly pleasing on “Wishing you were Somehow Here Again.”"


The Secret Garden (2014)

My Name Is Trent

"Phenomenal vocals came from dreamers Travis Holmes and Isabelle Dow; while the outstanding performers hands down were Lauren Lee Innis-Youren as Lily and Robert Shearer as Archibald. Their chemistry was perfect, their emotions were felt and the vocals equally chilling."


Billy Buckett: A Rock N Roll Love Story (2013)

Stage Whispers: Jay McKee

"Stephen Dorrington’s charismatic Billy is matched nicely by Lauren Lee Innis-Youren as upper-class Jan Burns, his boss’s daughter. Both have super voices for this genre..."


The Music Man (2012)

Stage Whispers: Jay McKee

"Alex Dundas-Taylor ingratiated himself with the audience as the charismatic, smooth-talking swindler Harold Hill. He was matched by Lauren Lee Innis[-Youren]’s Marian Paroo – what glamour, what presence, and what a beautiful voice!"

"I've never heard anyone sing the words "We will unleash our secret Sam Alcock destroying weapon - sonic punishment" so high"

- Mitch 'Lanky' Thomas, Musician