Whoopsie! So, it's been a while! Sorry friends!

Life has been so super busy lately, and it's just wonderful! I am having the best time down here in Melbourne; kicking goals and loving life. Of course, being busy means I sometimes neglect to check in with the people who care about me the most...

Mum's Birthday!

It's great to be busy, but always remember to make time to talk to those who love you!

If you're like me and you're always on the go, you know that it's easy to get caught up in getting to "the next thing" and not taking the time to enjoy the moment and share it with your loved ones.

You forget sometimes to really celebrate when you've done something new.

Those moments that you're rushing over may not feel like much to you, but let me tell you now - every step forward is worth celebrating! And if you don't believe me, try telling someone close to you who loves you what you've just achieved and see what they say!

There will be people in your life (family, friends, partners, etc) who WANT to celebrate those moments with you, and WANT to hype you up every step of the way.

Underground Cinema - HOTEL

Just because you haven't reached your end goal yet, doesn't mean the steps along

the way aren't worth a bit of excitement!

I came to realise this recently while talking to one of my besties. It's a well-known fact that David and I don't let each other be bad humans. We call each other out when it's needed, and hype each other up like 6 year olds at a birthday party when the fairy bread has just been served. Everyone should get themselves a David.

After a recent conversation where he straight up told me I needed to actually talk to my friends about the things I'm doing (what a preposterous notion!), I began to spasmodically fill him in on things I had done that week.

It usually went something like this:

Me: "Hey, so I did this [insert life-changing, career-improving, super-cool thing here]..." David: "WHAT?!? That's actually awesome! How are you being so nonchalant about this!?"

After about the 3rd or 4th time of repeating this template of conversation, I realised I wasn't allowing myself to get excited about the things I was doing. Sure, I was living in the moment and enjoying every second of it: but I wasn't celebrating it.

I also realised this is why I wasn't telling my parents what I'd been up to, either. In my mind, these things I was doing were "just" stepping stones. That it wasn't important to talk about it. >> Don't forget: your parents cheered when you took your very first step. They didn't look at baby-you and say "Yes, but you're not running yet, are you?" (hopefully).

They were proud then, and watching you take the next step in your

career is going to make them just as proud now.

They want to celebrate you.

Classics in the Country at the Toolleen Hotel Tin Shed

So, I've decided to try to be more present with my loved ones. I'm going to make time to celebrate my little triumphs with my friends and family, and hype myself up for the good work I've done and the great work that's to come. Doesn't mean I'll slow down at all, there's still so much to do! But time must be devoted to things that are important, and sharing the love and happiness in your life is top of the list!

Classics in the Country

If you're still reading this and want a quick overview of what I've been up to lately, see below!

In the last two months I have:

Warming up for my Opera Aus audition!

- Performed for the first time as a singer in Victoria since moving here, at the Toolleen Hotel in a self-devised concert called Classics in the Country

- Saw a bunch of cool shows in the city including Flight, The Dressmaker, Lexicon, A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, and School of Rock

- Got a job working at MEMO Music Hall in St Kilda both in the office and Front of House

- Landed a regular monthly MC/performer gig at Club Voltaire starting January 2019

- Had a fabulous chat with the creator of Auspicious Arts Incubator and so want to get in on more of that! I learnt so much in just an hour about my role and purpose as a performer!

Merry Christmas!

- Auditioned for Opera Australia as a singer for the first time

- Performed as an Elf and a Ballerina for a couple of Christmas parades (the Ballerina one was with Bugs Bunny and probably the best thing ever!)

- Dressed up as a 1930s hotel staff member for Front of House with Underground Cinema's HOTEL (a secret screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel) and had so much fun!

- Travelled the Great Ocean Road with BVZ Media and Parks Victoria shooting for a tourism campaign - again SO much fun! Go travel the Great Ocean Road, just seriously spectacular stuff

- Moved house!

It doesn't stop there! I've got a couple of touring productions in the works for next year already, so watch out Sydney and Brisbane, I will be paying you a visit in 2019!

Time to get planning!

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