Change Is As Good As A Holiday

Visiting my uncle and aunty's farm at Tallangatta Valley

Change is as good as a holiday, so they say. I think in this case, "they" are correct!

In the week before I left Brisbane, I was sad, nervous, hesitant, unsure, numb... I kept second guessing myself, and had to keep remembering WHY I was leaving the friends I adored, the beaches I loved, and the special company I was thoroughly enjoying keeping.

I was also having the best time with the people closest to me; parties, dinners, breakfasts, festivals, spontaneous beach day-trips... all making it that little bit harder to let go.

This week I have remembered my WHY. My dreams, goals, focus - it's all much clearer now, and all I've really done is take a road trip to the country side. Who knew a little fresh air could really help clear the head?

So at 4am on the 31st of July, my family and I piled into the car, trailer in tow, and headed off on the first road trip we'd all done together since 2014.

The journey was cosy and pleasant - I slept through most of it - but when I was awake, I had a lot of time to think. I started by making a promise to myself:

I will write in my journal every day, and record every step of my new life.

I figure this will hold me accountable. If I have to write about what I'm doing, then I have to reflect each day and see if I've been taking steps towards achieving my goals. Even if it's just a little step, at least I will know I'm moving forward (plus it helps me to remember what I've done in the week when I sit down to write this blog!)

We drove until we reached Tallangatta where my uncle Ray and aunty Di have their farm. It's a stunning place, especially in winter, and it brought back a lot of childhood memories. It also gave me space to do some more thinking, and refocusing. By the end of day two, I had composed a list of things I want to turn into everyday habits:

1. Eat Well

Put good things into my body to stay healthy and energised.

2. Practise My Art

Dance. Sing. Act. Every damn day. Read books about theatre. Listen to musicals. Immerse myself in the world.

3. Think Positively

My mind is a garden and my thoughts are seeds. I'll grow flowers, I shan't grow weeds.

4. Go With The Flow

Let what is going to happen happen, and enjoy the ride. Be open to what the universe has to offer.

I probably should have included something about listening to my body and resting when I need to... but... one step at a time!

I'm now sitting at my parent's farm in Mount Camel, fireplace keeping the place warm while the rain pelts down outside. It's cosy and friendly, and a nice place to start making plans for the future. From here on in, I'm moving towards my dreams and goals.

Look out Melbourne, I'm officially on my way!

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